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About us

PSS originally stood for Paper Scanning Solution. As a part of a group, we get the space to grow.

That's how the team and our activities evolved through the years to Product Scanning Solution. Because our experience has taught us that it is possible to track any product via barcode recognition, in addition to paper. Whether you need to track paper, consumable goods or semi-finished products...

The software we develop allows us to automatically recognize the patterns in barcodes. Unique and useful information regarding the product characteristics are combined, forming the basis for the set-up of tracking and validation.

All data are kept in a database which is continually fed with relevant new information. Thanks to this combination, we can give companies in various sectors insights into your stock.

Our vision

We are strong in the scanning and validation of classic bar codes. However we like to go the extra mile. We are a proponent of thorough system integration and we offer added value by developing software, tailored to you needs.


Our team

Every day we are prepared to give the best of ourselves. Our service is based on pure dedication and experience that we have built up through the years.
We are part of a large group, but stand firmly on our own two feet.