Our vision




Bar code recognition 2.0

We are strong in the scanning and validation of classic bar codes, after which we can set up tracking of your products. But our software can also read in 2D bar codes, like there are QR-codes.

Seamless system integration

There's no doubt that we are a proponent of thorough system integration! PPS provides a view of your inventory when our software is seamlessly linked to your ERP system.

Therefore, every day we are constantly working to bring our software to a higher level. In addition, we will do everything necessary to reach the general corporate objectives together with our clients.


Transparency provides a guarantee

Are you active in the paper industry? Then your clients require guarantees of the origins of paper fibers. Thanks to our software, you have a track record from storage and stockage through production. This lets you offer your clients certainty, such as regarding a minimal environmental burden during preparation and production of your print products.

Flexibility puts you in pole position

Flexibility is a requirement to stay competitive. Code Crew helps you to respond flexibly to the changing questions from end clients.

Functional software is one aspect. But what really offers added value is that your software is aligned to the unique character of your environment. That's why we invest in a complimentary team.

The result of this is that we can thoroughly study questions from clients, mastermind concepts and then translate them into PHP code. We include everyone in this process by thoroughly involving the key users of our software in testing and implementation.