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Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk is a rotogravure printing plant. The company is part of the family business EM De Jong and specialises in the printing of newspapers, retail leaflets and magazines.

The use of PSS was already launched in the head office, located in Baarle Nassau, with the aim of centralising the purchase of paper for the entire group.

That is how PSS was also rolled out at Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk.

Before we worked with PSS, we lost a lot of time figuring out what exactly we had in stock.

Johan Zwart - Logistics Manager JanssenPers

To measure is to know. PSS tracks and reports

Accurate and real-time insight into the paper supply allows the company to be flexible in delivering and distributing high-quality printing. And this according to the set timings.

  • Receipt

PSS ensures correct paper reception upon delivery. Thanks to the automatic barcode recognition, all users of PSS can automatically check and validate the rolls of paper during unloading. This means that it is not necessary to relabel the incoming paper.

  • Location

The PSS location module helps to store the rolls in the designated area after unloading. This means that Janssen/Pers gains storage space and PSS simplifies the picking activities for all employees on the workfloor. After all, our software determines the exact picking location, which means that the employees spend less time searching for the correct rolls.

  • Production

Thanks to prepicking, every production order can be accurately prepared. If the paper picking does not meet the requirements of the production order, PSS will immediately issue an error message. If Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk wants to start production effectively after thorough preparation, PSS will carry out a final check of the paper supply.

After production, PSS records any residual values of the rolls used. Based on the diameter of the rest of the roll, our software generates new labels with an accurate residual weight and length calculation, after which the residual rolls are stored again. The main advantage for Janssen/Pers is that all remaining rolls are used first, before new rolls are taken. This is because PSS suggests using these residues beforehand and even reports when the residual roll is not selected, even though it is available.

  • damage

Does it appear that some paper rolls have been damaged? Any PSS user can register this damage, thus providing feedback to the company's ERP system.

The support of Code Crew was excellent!

Johan Zwart – Logistics Manager JanssenPers

Changes offer perspective

Excellent cooperation between the head office and Code Crew has ensured that PSS is implemented at the customer's pace.

Meanwhile, everyone can appreciate the advantage which the system offers and Janssen/Pers is taking steps forward in the following areas:

  • Accurate and reliable insight into actual storage
  • Reduction of the number of remaining rolls
  • Saving time during the picking process
  • Error-free preparation of printing process
  • More specific purchases of paper, based on production needs

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