Case system integration

Extensive system integration

The efficiency of the printing works often goes hand in hand with the quality of the paper. After all, errors in the paper adversely affect the continuity of the printing presses. For this reason, our customers sometimes call on external parties, such as Procemex, to continuously monitor the quality of the paper.

In the event of an error detection, our customers need to be able to track the origin of the paper. A thorough integration of our PSS software with external systems is therefore essential.

    our customers strive for a flawless start of production

    • PSS helps our customers prepick the paper.
    • Our software provides an immediate notification if incorrect paper rolls are selected.
    • The paper feed is checked just before production.
    • ​​​​​​​

    PSS communicates data

    All receipt, production and roll data are stored in our database. If Procemex detects an error during production, PSS can provide details about the roll number, the manufacturer, the weight, width, date of receipt, etc. With this information, our customers can adjust the production, give specific feedback to their own suppliers, etc.

    Our team was responsible for a flawless connection of PSS with the camera and the roller changer within the Procemex system. In order to be able to guarantee this, specific agreements were made with the external party regarding the exchange of data.