Case Wijngaard Natie

Wijngaard Natie 

Wijngaard Natie is a logistics service provider in the port of Antwerp. The company manages goods flows and offers full service in the logistics field.

Goods tracking throughout the logistics process is essential in order to comply with the legal restrictions. That is exactly why Wijngaard Natie came to us a few years ago.

Initially, we were tasked to deploy the PSS software to track big bags with chemicals.

Discover how code crew could add value

  • Intake of existing stock.
  • Validation of big bags on receipt, by means of the reception module.
  • Linking with existing ERP system, TRIS to exchange data on the spot.
  • Insight into the stock levels in combination with the instruction module, Wijngaard Natie offers the possibility to control forklifts better:
    • The driver of the forklift receives all tasks digitally.
    • All tasks are given a certain priority.
    • The user is provided with real-time updates on the current status of an order.
  • By offering customised software, the users get an electronic checklist that has to be ticked off completely before the cargo can be loaded. This gives the end customer the guarantee that the trucks are fully compatible with the predetermined regulations.
  • Integration of the hardware:
    • Supply of forklift terminals and mobile scanners
    • Configuration
    • Assistance in setting up WIFI
    • Assistance in labelling all warehouse locations by means of unique barcodes

Full service is inextricably linked with PSS

Today, Wijngaard Natie is a full-service partner in the field of logistics. Close collaboration during a successful big-bag project has culminated in extra assignments. At Wijngaard Natie, PSS now tracks not only chemicals but also other goods, such as: steel coils, non-ferrous goods, food, etc.

The result:

  • Administrative simplification
  • Real-time insight into the stock
  • Simplified picking
  • More efficient control of people on the workfloor
  • Fault identification during loading and unloading in good time, so that they can be avoided.